Boats laid out waiting for the 150 paddlers to come through.  

Boats laid out waiting for the 150 paddlers to come through.  

It may seem chilly now, but warm days and Paddle Fest are just around the corner!

Save the Date: Saturday, June 18th, 2016!

RiverRat's is excited to be the sponsor for the fifth annual Tara Hall Paddle Fest!

Tara Hall began in 1969 with one lost boy. He was living on the street when Father Owen O’Sullivan recognized a need in his Georgetown community to provide a home for neglected and troubled boys. He was right. Since then, more than 600 boys from Georgetown and many surrounding communities have passed through Tara Hall’s doors.

Tara Hall began with very limited resources — surviving, and eventually growing, thanks to the determination of its founder, commitment of its volunteers and generosity of its supporters. In fact, today, Tara Hall operates under the direction of its first volunteer, Jim Dumm. Serving as the Executive Director for over 40 years, Jim has devoted himself to consistently delivering the original mission of Tara Hall. The on-campus school, a unique attribute as compared to other group homes, was added in 1973. The addition was imperative, as many boys are 1 to 3 years behind in their education upon arrival.

The Paddle Fest allows us to help raise the funds needed to support Tara Hall and the Tara Hall boys, many of whom you will see and meet during Paddle Fest!


Sponsors, Volunteers and Contributors
make Paddle Fest a huge success and it’s fun, too!

Are you ready to help?

Contact Tara Hall Home for Boys at 843-546-3000 or by email at